February 3, 2003

humming in the wings

Yesterday was my second anniversary of going online. Whoopie. This past weekend consisted of a crapload of site redesign, among other more fun things.

I’m keeping the whole thing veiled until it’s done. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the trial run of the about section. No new content, but a slick interface that may or may not work.

New content will come later. Much later, but it will come, I assure you.

Ok, forget I said anything. Links are all fucked up. I know what I’m doing but Dreamweaver has no damn clue, and when the same errors are present across more than thirty HTML files I get really pissy.
On the bright side, if I can eventually get ‘about’ working, there’s only ten times more wrangling that needs to happen for the rest of the site to hang together.

Ok, try it now. ‘About’ should be working, for the most part. The index under Memoirs doesn’t work, but… well… it’s a process.