February 17, 2003


Conclusions to draw from the international war protests:

Pithy signs and creative puppets are valid substitutes for rational discourse on the morality of war.

The weapons inspections can work, nevermind the fact that even if they do, Saddam remains in power. Nevermind that Saddam has rejected proposals for U2 survellience flights, more inspectors, lighty-armed accompanying forces, etc, etc, etc.

The Iraqi people deserve to be oppressed by a ruthless dictator that has killed one million people and exiled four million more from a country of only 30 million. Are the protestors racist? You bet.

The U.S. needs to be attacked first before an attack on Iraq is justified. 9-11 doesn’t count.

While the United States is backed by Britian, Australia, Poland, Albania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Qatar and Kuwait, war with Iraq would still be classified as a unilateral attack.

War protestors are not aware of the ironic implications of Neville Chamberlain’s words, “Peace in our time.”

Protestors still don’t know that International A.N.S.W.E.R. is a front for the Worker’s World Party. Hope ya’ll like communism. And Milosovich. And North Korea. And Saddam. These guys love ’em.

Frankly, I’m real tired. I think the idiots will get the world they deserve.