March 4, 2003


People keep telling me I was on the Duluth news. I went to that pro-war sign dispensary over the weekend, and apparently Channel 6 found my body so hot and irresistable that they used every excuse to run their footage of me … well, of me talking to one of the old sign dudes, but still… it’s probably a good thing they didn’t show me oggling the pro-war babes that kept fluttering in…

Unless they did. Note to self: destroy all VHS tapes.

The temperature in the library is currently set to steamed clam. If the University wants to make a serious effort to save money (besides emailing its faculty and students to turn off their computers at night, and besides building roadblocks across a service road with the philosophy IF STUDENTS CAN USE IT, NO ONE CAN USE IT) they’d set the thermostat under 90. I used to think that the reason I didn’t wear sweaters was because I wanted to disassociate myself from the “I’m an intellectual but I’m not intellectual enough to wear a black turtleneck” aesthetic. Nay. My decision was purely pragmatic, in that if I wore a long-sleeved shirt to school it would be like taking a sauna in a wetsuit.

Got my teeth examined and cleaned and fortified at the Lake Superior College dental school, today. It was every bit as thorough as a regular inspection, only it was free, took a bit longer and had me leave with that tingly feeling from doing some subtle social good. Hand my body over to the amateurs to facilitate their timely education and insertion into the work force? BRING IT ON! I don’t know how smoothly things would have gone had I needed a cavity filled, a tooth removed or dentures installed, but luckily I have indestructable choppers that never require the serious hardware.

In other news, I have recently discovered that Save Ferris is the coolest ska band ever. I mean, seriously. They have a female lead vocalist and a song about Spam. What more do you need? A legitimate inquiry and written analysis about the quality of their music? Ha. Music isn’t like leperosy. It`s actually much more fun to experience it than to write about it.

Hmm… what if everything was like leperosy?