April 4, 2003

emo farm? har!

The other day I ordered a few matt pond PA cds from Polyvinyl Records. If you are not familiar (and many aren’t), matt pond PA is a “chamber pop” group, where the standard rock band line-up is complemented by two cellos, a violin, a vibraphone, a harp and a french horn. It rocks my socks.

In addition to those cds, Polyvinyl also sent me a sampler cd of other artists in their stable, and they’ve got some excellent stuff in there. If you’re down with the whole geek rock or emo scene (or if you’re not down and you want to be down, or if you’re not down and don’t want to be down but feel compelled to be down because I’m down and I’m so cool that you want to be like me and be down, too) you should totally check this stuff out. I list them here in my order of preference, based on the one song of each that I have heard.

Mates of State

Paris, Texas

Sunday’s Best

The Red Hot Valentines



Saturday Looks Good to Me

Kyle Fischer

Dig, yo.