April 7, 2003


The Spontaneous Combustion Jazz Sextet

Live at the downtown Duluth Pizza Luce

Wednesday, April 9, 2003


Whenever I think of propaganda I think of Propagandhi (which is actually the name of a band that Rockstar introduced me to, as I recall). Whenever I think of Gandhi I think of my sister’s computer, freshman year at Carleton. I was installing a tank game called Bolo and noticed that the file for her final essay in one class was named “FUCK GANDHI”.

Quite a bold statement. It seemed so uncharacteristic that I’m not sure I was supposed to know about it. Come to think of it, I don’t think that you’re supposed to know. I don’t think Google is supposed to know, either, even though anyone that types ‘fuck gandhi’ in the search engine will now be directed to this post.

Kinda cool, in that respect. I’ll have to remember to turn off comments for this post at some point.

[Announcer:] Next week on U62…
[Announcer:] He’s back
[Announcer:] And this time
[Announcer:] He’s mad
[Announcer:] Gandhi II
[Announcer:] No more mister passive resistance
[Announcer:] He’s out to kick some butt
[Announcer:] This is one bad mother you don’t wanna mess with
[Gandhi :] Don’t move, slimeball
[Announcer:] He’s a one man recking crew
[Announcer:] But he also knows how to party
[Gandhi :] Gimme a steak, medium rare
[Gangster :] Hey, Baldy!
[Announcer:] There is only one law
[Announcer:] His law
[Announcer:] Gandhi II

[Gameshow Host]: You found the blue marble in the pool of oatmeal! Now you get to drink from the firehose!
[Kid]: Yay!
[Gameshow Host]: Are you ready?
[Kid]: Yeah!