April 8, 2003

to do list-a-boo

Write 5-7 page essay analyzing the DHTML website Assember.org. Somehow work in the “Erotic Ontology of Cyberspace,” just so I can put on a resume somewhere down the road that I wrote an essay on the erotic ontology of cyberspace. BAM! Instant employment.

Speaking of BAM!, I went to Great Clips today and got a really lame haircut. Maybe it’s really not that bad, but the bangs are too short and the sides are too short and the back is too long. Everyone thinks I put highlights in it cuz the bleach job I did over the summer is finally growing out. I look like an ugly girl trying to grow a mullet.

Redesign website for the Department of Philosophy.

Write an electronic picture book to the Phish song Rift.

Write a webpage detailing my experience with the 2001 Big Wu Family Reunion.

Buy new sax reeds.

Learn how to play flute before the Big Band Extravaganza on April 16th.

Memorize the windsurfing product catalogue for my summer job.

Study for communications test next Monday.

Practice for Luce gig tomorrow.

Figure out what I need to do for Geek Prom this Saturday.

Quit my senseless blogging and get to work.