May 1, 2003

good idea

I think everything should have a mayhem setting. Winamp, computers, toasters, life, everything.

Another good idea:
I think everything should have a pager built into. That way, you’ll never lose anything! But, if there were a mayhem setting for everything you wouldn’t need the pager feature because you’d probably find what you were looking for if it were in it’s chaotic state anyway. Just a thought:)

After I lost my keys I thought it would be a really good idea to get lots of piercings all over my body, and hang my possessions from them. That way I wouldn’t be able to lose anything and I would look like a junk drawer and people would think I thought it was Halloween.
I think I like the pager idea, better. I wish my lungs had a pager. Doug wishes his liver had a little transmitter so that whenever he started drinking a signal would go off to Domino’s and they’d deliver a pizza.