May 8, 2003

broadband face transplant

Dear god, doesn’t this guy have anything better to do than work on his webpage, what with finals and essays and graduation and moving all looming like a funnel cloud in the windshield?

Last year, Christopher Thomas Fahey and I put together a video for our 19th and 20th century philosophy course. Fahey and Sunny Wicked provided the music. I provided the video. After many, many arduous hours with Adobe Premiere (which ultimately resulted in my losing two keys off my keyboard from smashing it so hard in frustration) I created a music video to the song Seraph.

Now, a year later, that video is available for human consumption. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

Seraph. The Music Video. 34.7MB

It would be way cooler if Windows Media Player could find a CODEC so that I could hear the sounds _and_ watch the movie.

This doesn’t have anything to do with your video, but this site is awesome. And you ran out of cool flash things awhile ago:


Ahh Dane, I remember helping make this video, by helping i mean getting in the way and….uh… violating as many oil drums as possible. It did turn out really really good. I also remember going to your Philo class and writing a critique for it. Rock on Dane R. Petersen!

For all you Mac users out there, here’s the latest version of DivX for the Mac:
Lots and lots and lots of people keep telling me they can’t read the video, so I may just upload it again in a format that people can read.
Or I may just make it your responsibility to update your codecs. I’m a busy, busy man.