May 8, 2003

the revolution continues

First the elimination of tables from the Weblog. Then the new Photo Blog.

And now, for your listening pleasure, Spontaneous Combustion Jazz Sextet Musical Downloads of Might and Strength! They are all fine-quality mp3s of jazz that will delight you for hours and definitely please the wyfe. Right click to download, and stick ’em all in your intimate holster.

Blue Bee – Recorded Live at the Blue Max Resort, December 16, 2002. Written by Rob Linneman.

Mitigation into the Freaky Wobble – Recorded Live at the Spirit Mountain Rain Forest Benefit Concert, March 7, 2003. An epic song series written and devised by Rob Linneman.

You Don’t Know Brian Perez – From our CD “The Rowhouse Sessions.” The brainchild of Dane Petersen, executed flawlessly with the tight interplay that can only be Spontaneous Combustion.

So, enjoy! If these are received well I may look into uploading more auditory 0rgasms. There are still a number of great songs resting in the archives, along with the masterful (reprise) of “You Don’t Know Brian Perez.”

UPDATE: It should probably be mentioned, before I start receiving hate mail, that “You Don’t Know Brian Perez” is entirely improvised. Not only that, the version available here allows you to witness the actual genesis of the song “You Don’t Know Brian Perez”.

Just so you know.

More may follow, depending on if my server can weather what I’ve thrown at it. I usually push 15 megs of content a day. Yesterday I pushed 160 megs, and that was before I put up the music video.

Dane! Did I read right, you guys made a CD? Ahh man, gold!
Quality stuff Dane, it’s too bad you wont be with um anymore, all I can say is that they are going to have a hell of a time finding a saxofoner to match you.