August 6, 2003

state of emergency

Mates of State’s new album, Team Boo, comes out September 16th. Geeky keyboard rock with vocals that swirl around each other in an elegant swordfight. Do the nasty over at the album website, download some mp3s, listen to some streams and check out their tour dates.

And where do you need to be when? Well, that depends on when you are where:


09/27 Sat Chicago, IL @ Abbey Pub w/ Saturday Looks Good to Me, Victory at Sea. 18+.

10/01 Wed Madison, WI @ Club 770 w/ Victory at Sea. All Ages.

10/02 Thu Minneapolis, MN @ Tripple Rock w/ Victory at Sea. 8:00 PM.

10/04 Sat Denver, CO @ Climax Lounge w/ I Am the World Trade Center. All Ages / 8:00 PM.

10/07 Tue Portland, OR @ The Meow Meow w/ I Am the World Trade Center, Thermals.


08/16 Sat Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero.

08/19 Tue New York, NY @ Knitting Factory.

08/06 Wed Pittsburgh, PA @ Quiet Storm w/ Sea Ray.


08/15 Fri Chicago, IL @ Schuba’. 21+ / 10:00 PM.

Peter, we’re trusting you to hit up Matt Pond PA when they’re in Pennsylvania. Luke, you’ve got Mates of State when they’re in Denver (wear your S.K.I.P. shirt and you should fit right in with the emo crowd). Ya’ll in Minnesota might have to take a drive to catch Saturday Looks Good to Me.

And does anybody know the ETA of the new Cowboy Curtis album? I think I’m going to pee my pants.

Fine forget about me, I don’t mind being shunned. I don’t get assigned a show? Oh well, Chicago traffic into the Abbey Pub’s a bitch anyways.

What ugly, major metropolitan area are you near, Ryan? Perhaps God hates you so much you won’t ever be near any good concerts, but I can still look for worthwhile demolition derbies, rodeos, triathalons, shooting sprees, mafia weddings and croquet tournaments.
I’m amassing a giant list of all good live music, three months out, for ya’ll. Current areas of interest include Minneapolis/St. Paul, Duluth, Portland, Boulder/Denver, Pittsburgh/Philadelphia, Madison, and Ryan’s Personal Midwest Hell. Anyone we’re missing? The Hobo at the South Pole? Mary Bue in Maine? Where hast all yonder kids scattered to?

Actually I am about 3 hours from Chicago and 25 minutes to Detroit using an American car. Use a European or Japanese car in Michigan and you might as well shoot yourself.