August 4, 2003

monday night programming

Bored? Keep an eye on these cars and make sure no one steals them. The red one is a 1988 Dodge Shelby Z and cost $60. The other one? It’s definitely a car.

Grab a drink and keep watching. Something is sure to happen. You trust hours of cable TV to entertain you, why not the Internet? Watching at work? Set up this page before you leave for lunch. Convince all your co-workers you’re a kook and get a raise.

You know, if folks would take the time to remove the steering wheel, crankshaft, door locks or windshield so as to completely disable their vehicle before leaving it unattended, there would be far fewer stealings of cars.

Remember those things the kids in the dorms made with the RAs and put on their doors? The thing was generally a circular piece of paper with some sort of an arrow in the middle that you could rotate around to point to somewhere on the circle which had a description of what you were doing at the time. You need one of those for your website, Dane. Except not a paper one. Paper takes an exceptionally long time to download. I recommend one of the electronic variety.

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! The garage door is open and now there are four cars!!
AAAAAAAHHHHH! Hank has a really good idea!

The bottom of the black car now seems to have been put in pieces on top of the red car.
And is that a twelve pack of beer right there beside the wheel?