August 19, 2003


I could tell she was a gypsy by the shape of her nose. She was waiting in the checkout line at Wal-Mart, buying 12 bottles of propane, 24 bottles of Gatorade and 20 gallons of SAE-30 Bar & Chain Oil. And a pack of Marbs. I had no desire to know her evening plans. Strange devices for stealing children, I thought.

Her son was wearing a shirt for the Sunshine RV Park and looked like he got kicked in the face by a gypsy muel. He wheeled the shopping cart out to their wagon in the parking lot, where the horses were pawing at the asphalt and cold lanterns were clanking in the wind.

hmmmm, i dont know of any propane powered child stealing devices that need SAE-30 oil in the summer….usually the 30 is a winter oil. Hmmm. Better alert the authorities in Canada.

Or as we call where you live: Oregano. No, wait, that’s what the cop found in the back of Luke’s car when he stopped him for speeding and he was sure he had a pot bust.

Question, what happened to the shopping cart, that could be the vehicle by which the children are smuggled.

Damn Goddless Canadians….. 30 weight is for the summer months and 10 or 5 is for the winter. The higher the number the thicker the oil. Thank Heaven for Minnisota ( first defence against Damn Goddless Canadians)
All my best Swearin