August 21, 2003


D: So Wayne, are you going to Hatteras with everyone else?

W: Yup.

D: Who will run the shop?

W: You will.

D: Oh. Are you going to be in Hood River this winter?

W: Hell no, I’m going to Baja.

D: Baja, eh? Do some kiteboarding?

W: Yeah. To survive the winter here I’d need to hide all the knives and develop a crack habit.

D: Oh.

W: It sucks.

D: Maybe I’ll just find myself a syringe and some high-five.

Screw trying to survive the summer. The hardest part will be surviving the winter.

Knives?…..What next? Sporks? Ballpoint pens? Paper? As a Postal Employee I’ve learned to kill a man with a credit card. You can’t get rid of all the demons in your life. Learn to live with them.
All my best Swearin