September 6, 2003

Rowena 2 – Dane 6 Billion

HOO-YAH! It’s Saturday and we’re not thinkin’ straight! Let’s start saying things!

I had a wicked session today at Rowena! I nailed it, totally lit up on my 4.4 and Mistral Edge. Rowena. It took me all summer but I finally got her back, the old girl. I was totally dialed out on a plane, jammed into the footstraps, slicing and dicing up and down crashing four foot swells, skip-skopping over the water. I kept pulling reaches until the sun disappeared behind the smoke from the B&B Complex fires (Camp Sherman evacuated and 83,000 acres burned, at last count) and it was too dark to sail any longer. Yeee-ha!

What else? Plenty else!

I didn’t have cheese, so I thought disaster had struck my plans for a late, late dinner. Luckily I found some cornbread mix, so I’ll be able to sup just fine. Someone call Cornbread Harris cuz we’ve got a blues recording gig down at the Abandoned Railroad Trestle!

I played three gigs with Samba Hood Rio in the last twenty-four hours. While eating quesadillas with the band at the Trillium Cafe I spilled chocolate cake on my white cowboy shirt, tipped over my water glass and ordered the same meal as someone else at my table. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Last night I saw a guy who was bleeding to death try to get into Savino’s without paying the cover. They wouldn’t let him in so instead he held his head and walked down Oak Street.

I’m currently drinking Earl Grey tea out of a mug with a kitty on it.

Here’s a tip: If you’re baking muffins and you don’t have enough batter to fill all the spots in the muffin tin, fill the empty spots with water (the technical term is spots). That way the tin won’t warp in the oven. You’ll also drown any muffin pixies living in your tin, that want nothing but to eat your delicious muffins when you TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON MUFFIN PIXIES BECAUSE THEIR MOUTHS ARE FULL OF LIES AND VENOM.

One time at the Shell Lake Jazz Camp, Pavolka had us play a song called “Is There a Gig at the Meal?” It was a joke. I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now.

I will not be cleaning my room this evening.