September 4, 2003

Today is Thursday

Just a quickie. Latest stats from the forest fire are 400 acres, a cow barn, a “structure” and an old lodge that was being turned into a bed and breakfast. My co-worker Dederick is a full-time firefighter and he was there Tuesday, from when the fire started until about 3:00 in the morning, guarding people’s homes. That’s more than twelve hours of stifling heat and cruddy air, and Dederick’s firefightin’ friend went to the hospital for heat exhaustion. These guys did one hell of a fine job protecting Cascade Locks and deserve mad props. Give ’em the knucks if you see ’em.

The Interstate is now open, but only single lanes in each direction as they fix the guard rails. I don’t know why they bother with guard rails in the first place; just seeing them there makes driving off the road seem that much more appealing.

My car has been stalling at intersections so I took a look to see what was wrong. I found a vacuum leak and fixed it with red electrical tape and a bouncy ball. It runs fine, now.

This weekend our Samba band has not one, not two, but three gigs.