September 14, 2003

Super Algidity!


My friend Diggity got a new USB 2.0 card, as friends are wont to do. The card came with a driver CD, as cards are wont to do. The driver CD has spelling errors, as driver CDs are wont to do.

But this is the most brutal and boldy proclaimed mistake I have ever seen. Something this horribly erronous would make a UMD Statesman copy editor cringe. I mean, geez. You’d think someone at the company would have caught this before letting 10.0 hit the market. This is the best they can do after 9.9 previous versions?

Whatever. It’s fun to say, and it is the perfect phrase to yell at people riding their fat skateboards down the middle of the street. Perhaps it will become the mighty yawp for a new generation.


(props to Ice Storm Music)