October 6, 2003

fact-checking schmack-checking

If the Red Star is anything like the Oregonian you probably think the situation in Iraq is absolutely dismal and only getting worse. Not so, it would seem, according to people that aren’t in the business of selling newspapers. Instapundit has been doing a great job collecting links that show the good side of our progress in Iraq (something the media has been neglecting entirely).

Andrew Sullivan has the money quotes from David Kay that show Saddam was deliberately deceiving the U.N. as recently as 2002, with secret networks of laboratories that were merely waiting for sanctions to be lifted so they could be resumed with full furor. He also shows that the New York Times has been deceiving American citizens as recently as 2003.

I mean, seriously. I’ve calmed down a bit, but for me the media has since gone from bad to worthless. What ever happened to fact-checking and objectivity? Why must the media give a Procrustean spin to everything, chopping and stretching the facts so they fit into their own hysterical view of reality? When a free press lacks the presence of mind to give me all the facts I need to make informed decisions, I am dearly offended.