October 6, 2003

We can rebuild him.

I’m gonna see what it takes to rework the code around here a little bit. Things will likely look the same, but I’m gonna reset the underlying structure so that lazy designers like myself can make this thing look wildly different by giving it a hard stare.

For inspiration, go check out CSS Zen Garden. Lots of hard stares and chewed lips went into those designs.

I hate to say this Dane but I really would hate to see the entire Cowboy Theme go in exchange for “Zen Garden Edition.”
If it does go Zen I think a number of random Penguin Cowboys are in order. With Tux’s and swords.

Oh, we’ll probably keep the Cowboy theme around a bit longer. I just need to resolve a few display issues (why the hell is my name disappearing at the bottom of this comment?!) and need to mark up my HTML to give me more structural power.
But trust me. The work I’m doing will definitely pave the way for rodeo penguins and Linux icons brandishing medieval weaponry. I’ll never redesign the entire site like that, but I’ll be sure to throw in some JavaScript browser sniffers so that you always see penguins.

“I was doing great….until the penguin tripped me!”
“uh, dane, there arent any penguins on the mountain.”
“There are too!”
“Lets get you inside and get you something to drink.”