December 6, 2003

The Will To Alight

Newish design. Slick, smooth and streamlined for her displeasure. My site is running the risk of suffering from serious CSS bloat (all subpages still use wildwest.css despite my continued efforts to switch them over, and all indexes have been converted to the layout.css, styles.css and global.css triad. The new weblog design required the creation of weblog.css to keep the design in the archives consistent, while the main, recent, search and archive indexes use weblog-main.css… I’ve checked and double-checked everything and hopefully nothing is out of order).

Whatev’s. Today was most excellent at the Mountain. Every day at the Mountain is a most excellent day at the Mountain, but today was made super most excellent by an eight inch deluge of snow that came in the night and stole all our exposed lava rock, two wagon wheels and thirteen boxes of clothing. We had an instructor’s clinic where we learned how to teach little punks how to snowboard, and how to tell them that they’ll like what we’ll tell them to like.

Given the lovely snow and the uncrowded nature of the Mountain this time of year, we took frequent breaks from learnin’ to go out and get our shred on. We played a game of follow the leader where Steve took our group into the woods to hit a kicker that tracked back out to the main run.

Heavy with last night’s storm, the branches of pine trees drooped low and white all around us. The canopy filtered out the afternoon sun and wrapped us in a natural cathedral. Inside we adjusted our goggles and stomped our boards in the snow, eager for our moment to burst out the doors.

When our chance came we would take off down the slope into the open, alight off the ramp and sail into the cold, crackling air.

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