December 22, 2003

Thai Schizilli

Ten minutes. Let’s play this out and see what happens.

Tonight I made thai chili, which was near-disasterous on any number of fronts. It turned out to be an absolutely gargantuan recipe intended to feed the entire crew of an aircraft carrier, which meant that a lot of vegetables had to meet some slicin’ and dicin’. In the mayhem of knife wielding and onion weeping and terror-alert panicking I sliced the bitty tip off my left thumb. I saw to it that the flesh didn’t make its way into the pot, lest I insult vegetarians with my tainted vegetarian thai chili.

All in all, I fared better than one of my snowboarding students did, yesterday. We were pulling a short run, from "the clump of trees to the chairlift." He fell on his arse, managing to break his tailbone, wrist, back, skull, pride, bread, etc. There’s nothing like standing with your class, watching one of your kids get carted away to Ski Patrol on a sled behind a snowmobile. My fellow instructors were a tad bit concerned for me:

"You doing OK, Dane?"


"It’s not your fault, man. Don’t worry about it."

"I’m not worried."

"It’s a sport. People are gonna get hurt, ya know?"


"…you seem rather calm."

"I worked at a summer camp."

"Oh. I see."

“So, How much did he have to drink?”
“Was he on drugs of any kind?”
“That post was clearly marked…”
“Yep, thats just Ryan. He does stuff like that.”

um, i forgot to say i posted that, and it was the fine dialog between me and the ski patrol leader guy at spirit mountain after ryan took out a clearly marked four inch by four inch fence post. Ryan would have answered, but i think he was still unconcious at the time. my favorite part was calling “pa” to let him know that ryan will be in the hospital for christmas. he was’nt the least bit surprised.

so sad that i wasn’t there to see it. on the other hand, i completed a dream yesterday. i have now gone sledding in two hemispheres. tomorrow, the cross country skis hit the same hill that my ass did today. if only we could all go sledding in the same locale right now…