March 24, 2004

A Slight Tingling Sensation

Alright. Ever so slowly, things are becoming less of a horrendous mess. I’ve tweaked the main blog page, massaged the individual entry archives, revamped the archives listing template and rebuilt all the search templates so they use the new design.

Today has been cruel and finicky. The novelty of having two bones where one bone would do has officially worn off. I’m counting the days until I have my freedom back. Until then, expect sporadic fits of rage, inspiration, productivity and animosity.

So really, nothing new.

funny that you came across big dead place. grand humor and good folk that write for it. i know the identity of the fucked-up-winter-over in the question and answer forums, but he needs to remain nameless. it goes without saying (if you’ve been to the site) that the national science foundation does not like it to much and if they knew the authors their lives would become much more difficult due to the lack of employment.
it’s cynical, but a pretty accurate view of life at the bottom of the world.

I had a hunch you were probably familiar with the site, and a few times I wondered if you were perhaps an anonymous contributor… or a contestant in the Race for Scurvy!
I spent a lot of time poking around in the site last night, and I must say it’s a work of genius. It has a small town “we’re all crazy and we’re in this together” feel, which is a strange voice to hear from that huge continent at the bottom of the world.