March 25, 2004

Ten things I miss about Minnesota

(in no particular order)

The Big Wu

Cowboy Curtis

Sunny Wicked

Teague Alexy w/ Medication

UMD Jazz Ensemble One

Spontaneous Combustion

Justin Roth

Happy Apple


Geek Prom

I got here via Zosiablue… I’m in Dublin right now, and I’d have to agree with your list of things I miss about MN, AND I was just listening to my Teague Alexy w/ Med CD, so I figured I’d better comment. I’ve missed some super good concerts this year that were in Mpls and Duluth. However, I saw Goldfinger for free, so that was cool. And they paid for my drinks, which is even cooler.

Chester Bowl in Winter
Flesh investing Greasy smoke only found at the Buena Vista
Old Chi Late Nights
Jazz nights at Fitgers Brewhouse.
Things I don’t miss…
Sub-standard Housing (No offense to E101, but seriously, How many times can you fake repairing a wall?)