March 28, 2004

It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

In an effort to improve my sanity, I delinked all the sections of Brainside Out that were still using the old design. If you are a clever young git you will no doubt figure out how to find them again, but that wasn’t the point. I was growing tired of looking at a huge pile of junk that needed my love and attention, so what should I have done? Fix it? Update it? Love it? Nay! Hide it! Hide it all! Sweep it under the carpets and deny its existence! If I can’t see them, they ain’t there. Dig?

Most sections will reappear as I am able to update them for the Rugged Edition, but at the same time I’m pondering some further changes that may delay the process. What changes, you ask?

  1. More consistent inconsistencies
  2. Better browsing for the photo galleries
  3. Animated flames
  4. Fun and Exciting Interactive Contact Form
  5. Kentucky Essays
  6. Database-driven somethingoranother which I have no idea how I will build, let alone implement, but as far as goals go, database-driven anything looks really good and impressive
  7. And on every page, amazing Flash intros with no skip button!

In a way, we’re starting over without really starting over. Sometimes you gotta clean out the attic. Sometimes you gotta chase the bats out of your house with a broomstick. Sometimes you gotta relocate the bodies to the middle of the desert.