June 7, 2004

Dear John Letter

This one goes out to my new favorite commenter, John:

Dear John,

If you don’t quit posting comments to my blog linking back to your goddamn trash-ass casino websites, I’m going to kill you.

I dare you to comment on this entry.

Warm regards,


HA! I especially liked this:
“Penguin Warehouse, Inc.’s offices are based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and currently has two operational ‘penguin farms’ located in New Zealand and Antarctica.”
Yay for Wisconsin!

…but now as I think of it, and I’m sure Mr. Ryan would agree with me here, why should we buy a penguin when we already have a perfectly good one hanging around with us?
“I put my head through a wall!”

You know what? John has stopped commenting on my site. John has now been replaced by Mr. Huge Sex Goat Penis Man.
I love comment spam. Almost as much as I love railcar disasters.