I’d invite my buds in all the groups I’m in.. central oregon bloggers, Flipsider’s enthusiasts, Homestar fans, Square One TV nostalgics, All of my evil political dissedent friends, and lots of brilliant minds with enough time on their hands to actually build the thing.. since I’m fat and lazy. 🙂

This is the greatest thing i have read in awhile. I was just watching TV with my girlfriend, while surfing thru the box she was like “Why do we even get cable?” It’s true, MTV had some show where you rate who is hotter. Every 3 min they went to commercial to advertise Jessica Simpsons sister’s new show & album release. So now not only can someone with no talent get a record deal, tv show, and become Americas Crowened Princess, but so cant her talentless sister. VH1 was glorifying the exploits of the hilton sisters, and FOX News was showing 60 frames per Min of the days most violent storys to some generic hardcore guitar riff. So yeah “why do we get cable hun?”
As for the internet2 please dont ever refer to it as “I2” or anything like that. And let me know if I could stop by and perhaps bring a few phriends. I wont tell anyone if you prefer. see you on the flip side cool kid.
ps you were saying how its all been done, well noone has linked to my blog yet….hint hint =)

Heh, you know Craig if you want to get any invites to I2 you’re gonna have to tell us where your blog is. I clicked on your name and got redirected to “webpackages.com” or some such; you prolly made a typo.
And don’t think we’re embargoing you now, or anything like that, I’m sure invites will be avail on Ebay for roughly $100 a pop, and then after a couple months the market value will drop down to a buck fiddy 🙂

I ordered the Internet 3 off of ebay, and all they shipped me was a box of styrofoam peanuts!