September 21, 2004

Better than Matching Sweaters

Rumor has it that internet access at our new house will be installed this Friday. My original plan was to sniff the air and borrow a neighbor’s unsecured wireless connection, but no one in our neighborhood appears to be that tech-savvy. Currently we have:

  • The 80-year-old man who loves working in the yard
  • The woman with an SUV that looks suspiciously like a sex toy
  • The kids who drive their Jeep Cherokees 50 feet down the street to hang with their friends
  • The fellow who wears red and yellow Zubas and says goodbye to his wife every morning at 7:45
  • The cop
  • The ugly kid
  • The chickens
  • The goats
  • The dog that will tear your face off
  • The bright pink ski suit

I’ll be at the Jack Johnson and G. Love concert Friday night, so we won’t be returning to our irregular updating schedule until this weekend.

the rains of duluth are calling out to you.
“da-ane, da-ane!” cry their ethereal voice.
don’t worry. i’ll stomp the puddles in an extension of your might. duluth has not seen me in four months. it now quakes in anxious anticipation for my arrival.

Honestly? I’m living off of Brosterhaus, about half a mile from the 7-Eleven on 3rd Street. There’s a chicken coop across the street from our house, and sometimes a chicken will escape and wander through the neighborhood.
The goats live in a pen right next to the chicken coop, and they look like they are really big goats. I think I could ride them.
The dog that will tear your face off lives on the other side of our subdivision, and runs around in a huge yard that the owners are constantly watering. They also have a treehouse. If it wasn’t for the dog that will tear your face off, I would play in their treehouse.
An interesting thing that I’ve noticed about Bend, is that even though we live in a freakin’ desert, people have greener grass and water their lawns more here than anywhere else I have lived.
It’s also really fun to watch these subdivisions pop up everywhere, nestled between country folk who knew better than to sell to the first land baron who waved a Frankie their way.
Can you say juxtaposition?