December 28, 2004

heart and mind aflutter

Whoo-hoo! Merry Christmas and Kwanzaa and all that jazz to ya’ll!

Everyone here at the Brainside Out World Domination Concern is still alive and kickin’, but we’ve been running around Minnesota visiting kind folk and eating delicious food and trying to get kicked out of Ikea… which was actually more difficult than it sounds, as Ikea doesn’t seem to have security cameras of any sort. Despite our best efforts to make fun of products and rearrange furniture and loiter without intent of purchasing anything, our actions went, for the most part, unnoticed.

Things have been lovely busy, and I’ve been doing my best to avoid computers and such as much as possible. Most parents will wait until all their kids have left the roost before they invest in cable television, HD TV, DVD players, high-speed internet, new computers, sub-orbital ion cannons pre-programmed with the coordinates for the neighbor’s house, etc. My folks have had plenty of time to buy all these things to make my visits more enjoyable, but for whatever reason they have yet to aquire most of them. It’s almost as though they don’t want me to stick around.

Anyways. The family is doing well, the friends are active and healthy, and it has proven to be another whirlwind tour of the spheres I have occupied throughout my life. A few precious days with Minnesota still remain, and it’s time to get out there and run around again. Nothing worthwhile will come to pass in front of a computer, at least not this week. There are far too many experiences to have and stories to collect to ground ourselves in front of a glowing screen.

And so we take to the streets! the salty streets of Minneapolis, where salty cars drive through salty fogs, and the smog casts the most brilliant sunsets, and everyone smiles through chapped lips.

Away we go!

Sheesh. Yeah, there have been a few nights where we’re running around outside and it’s five below. Anyone who lives here is nuts. Anyone who was born here must be clinically insane. This I know.