January 2, 2005

hot newds!

Hey, check out all the new stuff! We’ve retooled some things to better serve our customers. I’ve recently discovered some neat new techniques to use with all these internets, so you can rest assured that your experience at Brainside Out now includes the following:

  • Size of header graphic has been decreased.
  • Illegibility of header graphic has been increased.
  • Back-end site maintenance (or as I like to call it, booty freshening) has been upgraded, resulting in a seven percent decrease in author crankiness.
  • Rugged looks have been preserved. Sideburns will not be shaved until the winter is over.
  • Number of featured Coolio entries has been cut down to ten, to better reflect real-world productivity.
  • Photolog has been completely reconceptualized. This is a fancy way of saying that after downing three glasses of Baileys on the rocks, I realized I hated maintaining my Photolog because it took far too much work. In essence, I lowered the bar, drank more, and got thrown out of the bar. People the world over are pleased with the result.
  • Hey! Hey! A new capsule on the left now features the most recent additions to the Photolog!
  • Flames will now shoot out of your monitor at random intervals.