September 25, 2005

Silence != Inactivity

Holy geez, is there a lot to say.

I’m done guiding trips for the summer.

It was about a week ago that I finished up, and this time around I feel really good about being done. It was truly an incredible experience, one that I wish to repeat over the next couple summers, but now there are other things afoot that command my attention.

All in all, I spent four months this summer living up the Gunflint Trail, and spent 50 days out in the wilderness. As I’m doing the math, that nearly doubles the amount of time I’ve spent in the wilderness, up to this point. I saw moose and otters and beavers and bald eagles. I never saw a single bear, even though at the beginning of the season we had one wandering around camp, breaking windows and eating grease. Over the course of 11 days on Isle Royale we hiked more than 100 miles and saw seven moose. I saw sunsets and sunrises and meteors and satellites. I saw the moon.

The new Great Big Dreams album is stellar.

Tap Solo Just Kidding is so fine and polished that it’s runnin’ #1 down in Plano, Texas.

89.3 The Current is the best radio station. Ever.

The Current is a radio station from Minnesota Public Radio, newly created since I moved to Oregon more than two years ago, and they seriously play the best music that I have ever heard. Many times when I’m listening to The Current and jammin’ around town in the Geo Tracker I need to check and make sure that I’m not inadvertently listening to my iPod, their sets so closely parallel my own music collection. Other times they play stuff that’s so freakin’ hot and esoteric that I can’t believe I don’t have it, already.

It’s an incredible and eclectic mix that sandwiches Duke Ellington between Atmosphere and Modest Mouse, and I honestly would have it no other way. I’m listening to it right now, through an internet stream broadcasting wirelessly to my PowerBook.

Oh. And that’s another thing.

I’m an Apple guy, now. And I’ve never been happier.

I have been a hardcore PC guy since 1987. I was a Windows jockey even before there was such a thing. I’ve been building my own PCs for nearly ten years. And you know what? I gave it all up a few days ago, and I’m ecstatic. From a hardware standpoint, this PowerBook is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The wireless card is built in, the antenna hidden in the screen. The keyboard knows when it gets dark and lights up, respectively. Not only does it light up, the light fades on, or fades out, depending on the situation. The trackpad scrolls windows when you use two fingers. The LCD screen is huge and bright and lovely.

As for the software? Tiger is spectacular. I have already transferred over 4,000 photos into iPhoto, I love Exposé beyond all words, and I catch myself giggling in glee whenever I dive into Terminal to tweak the OS. The focus on design and the attention to detail with these things, both in hardware and software, is absolutely staggering. After switching from Windows XP (and a fast computer running Windows XP, mind you) I honestly feel like I’ve been catapulted 50 years into the future. I finally have a system that is built around the way we use computers today, not the way we used them ten years ago. The difference is significant.

I’m moving to Duluth.

Good friends, Lake Superior, a season pass at Spirit Mountain, snowkiting in the Harbor, Sir Benedict’s Tavern, and Fitger’s Brewery were all deciding factors on this one.

I’m starting my own business.

Make no mistake about it, we’re goin’ at this thing balls-out. The threat of starvation can be a source of great motivation.

More details to come.

I turned 25 yesterday.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the cost of your car insurance goes down at the same time that you are allowed to rent a car? Have you ever seen how people drive those things? My brother-in-law tried to drag his rental sedan to the summit of Mount Hood.

That should do it for now.

Happy Birthday Dane. Twenty five? You’re just a baby. I always thought you were in your late 50’s, judging from the pictures. Summer of a life time? How many more of those do you have to look forward to? Lots man. Lots.
I’ve been thinking about getting away from Dell and moving to a Mac. I can’t pull the trigger for some reason.
Anyway, sorry I’m not a hot 22 year female lusting after you on your birthday. But…what can I do?

Heh. The beard always throws ’em off.
Shucks, I thought that with a name like Ron you were sure to be some hot young co-ed! Oh well. If you happen to know any, send ’em this way! Free drinks! Open bar! We’ve got a lot to celebrate!
Pulling the trigger was a tough one, but once I finally committed, I realized that all it takes is money. A lot of money. The computers were the cheap part, as those $1,000 software packages tend to add up after awhile.
Anyway, I love it this much.

My bro turned 25 on sunday I think. He still acts like he’s 15 though. Just moved out of the house…. Silence, It’s great stuff.

Heh. I used to live with a guy who was 22 but acted like he was 12, so I may have an idea where you’re coming from. Every day he’d come home with Nerf guns or R/C cars or some other damn toy.

So odd!!! When I was a 12 year old boy, I thought I was a 22 year, old hot co-ed with bouncy breasts and cute ankles. But now that I am 33 year old man, I feel like a 12 year old girl who can’t decide whether to put Orlando Bloom or Boris Yeltsin on her wall. Like, sooooo confusing!