March 26, 2006

another one of thems lists

1. People have occasionally called me an indie music snob, which may not be entirely unfair. I find it worth noting, however, that I have been hopelessly addicted to Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree ever since I picked it up way back in December. It’s some pretty straight-line alternative rock stuff, but their songs are original and catchier than hell. The album makes a great soundtrack for when you’re out snowboarding, or at any other point during your day when you need to be reminded that the whole point of life is to rock out and kick ass.

There’s a business philosophy for you.

2. There is a dismal season that takes place between winter and spring, a sprinter of sorts, and we are currently locked in its clutches. It is cold. It is cloudy. It is raining/snowing/sleeting/wintry-remixing. And it is grey. So grey. Anyone who claims there are shades of grey in the world obviously hasn’t spent a sprinter in Minnesota. There is only one shade of grey, and it is all grey.

3. I’ve finalized our backpacking route for Yellowstone this summer. We’re going in at the Warm Creek trailhead, and emerging from the Wapiti Lake trailhead fourteen days later. Should be a blast. Just to prove to myself that we live in a different age, I flew over our entire route in Google Earth. A surprising amount of Yellowstone has been stitched together from high-res satellite photos, and it was pretty exiting to zoom in on all the mud pots and hot springs that we’ll soon be seeing/smelling/having-mud-fights-in.

4. Chaco redid the soles on their sandals recently, and I got to try on a pair the other day. I was really nervous for this, as their old Terrano soles were so freakin’ great that I never thought there was anything they could do to improve them. I’ve lived in my Chacos ever since I got them in ’02, and after a summer working at Ihduhapi, a summer working in the Gorge, and a summer guiding at Menogyn, they are ready to be retired. The soles have held up great but the straps are well-shredded, which is only fair considering how many miles I’ve gotten out of ’em.

Anywho, Chaco has replaced their Terrano sole with the Unaweep sole, which is a hybrid between the their rock-hopping and trail-hiking styles. And my verdict? As far as comfort goes, the Unaweep totally rocks. They’re lighter, flexier, and they conform much better to your natural stride than the Terrano. I don’t know how they’ll match up in durability, but if I do manage to grab a pair I’ll let you know in four years.

You know, I’m certain that it was a conversation that took place between Chris and Matt at your Christmas party that piqued my interest in Fall Out Boy. Turns out that both of them had independently keyed in on the band and fallen madly in love.
Err, in love with the band, that is.

Sprinter connotates too much speed for the season.
I prefer Winring. It sounds greyer. And windy.
It it turns out the secret to getting past it is you really gotta get down there and look. Although trees may be leafless and the grass may be brown and waterlogged, down there there are crocuses poking up, and anenome and bloodroot unfolding. If you focus on the few signs of life, the rest of the greyness of Winring passes without as much fluster.
Plus, sundresses will be here soon.

Ahh, Winring. I agree that sounds much worse, and by worse I mean better. There’s also the obligatory Simpsons reference: “Oh, lousy Smarch weather!”
Hooray for sundresses. Only a matter of time.