April 2, 2006


Last night I filed paperwork. Tonight I did my taxes. That pretty much sums up my weekend, the dullness of which could only be surpassed by its blinding productivity. Seriously, I got stuff done this weekend.

I bought a filing cabinet and 30+ hanging file folders, and put to rest the stacks of records that I have allowed to accumulate over the last six months. I scrubbed down the interior of the Subaru, did laundry, swept and dusted my room, and put my snowboarding clothes into storage.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready for that season to end. Time now to fill the tires on the mountain bike and find some trouble. If it stays wet and rainy I might go out for a ride tomorrow evening, what with all the extra daylight and all, find some mud and get in a filthy mess.

Daylight Savings was squandered on a gloomy day that never made it out of twilight, a cold rain that didn’t let up even when every ounce of moisture had been wrung out of the sky. Spring in the midwest arrives not with the equinox, nor with the sighting of the first robin or tulip, but when the Red River floods western Minnesota and everyone pretends to be surprised that it happened. Again.