April 2, 2001

chairlift conspirators

YES! SNOW! Praise everything that is holy, we’re gettin’ dumptrucks full of snow! It is so achingly beautiful outside.


But now a significant moral quagmire:

African Roots or snowboarding? A class that meets once a week for 1 1/2 hours, or full-bodied, bruising worship of the heavenly covering falling outdoors?


AHH! NO! Those bastards! Obviously conspiring against me, Spirit Mountain is CLOSED until the weekend. Time to fight. I’ve had enough of this talk and buy crap. I’m gonna take my mythril dagger and whoop on some lazy lift operators. 3000 hit points, immune to ice, vulnerable to fire. So long as they don’t cast chesnuts on me, I’ll be fine. Those chesnuts killed my entire party last time. F’in’ chesnuts.