October 21, 2001

porkies evacuation

The Porkies trip was swift and exciting. My friends hit me with a tree, which threw my skull and body at the cliff wall.

“I guess I am mortal.”

Fearing a concussion, Erin, Luke and I hiked the three miles out, got in Erin’s car and drove to the hospital in Ironwood, Michigan. The doctor was quite the nut, and they did a thorough examination. I walked out of the ER with no concussion, no bruised kidney and no broken ribs. We then went to the dollar store and got a Fabio exercise video. Upon returning to Duluth we watched him… the entire hour of him. It was great. That night I managed to not go unconscious, so that was a good sign.

Today my parents and my dog came up to visit and made sure that I wasn’t worse off than I said I was. Eventually my car returned home; everyone that was on the trip accounted for. Then I got a phone call from Mark saying that the northern lights were going wild, so we drove down to Gitche Gammi park and watched ’em. It was exciting, beautiful, intrinsic.

Please note: I actually wrote this entry on the 22nd, and I’ve got so much to do that my heart isn’t into the whole writing thing right now. A more detailed account may appear under Life at some point… may.