January 31, 2004

Winter Things

Ten minutes.

So yeah. I’ve been busy. Busy in that blah dark winter sort of way, though, not in that sexy hot summer sort of way. The way that makes you want to fall asleep reading a book at ten o’clock, because anything that requires more than a languid page turn takes too much effort. There are all sorts of things I need to take care of, from license plates for the Green Dragon to new lenses for my glasses to filling out taxes to partying late into the evening in a hot tub filled with pro snowboard chicks, but these things haven’t been happening.

Other things have been happening, though. Winter things. A friend of mine from the Mountain broke his back snowboarding last Tuesday, and we went to visit him in the hospital Thursday night. Before we showed up we stopped at Safeway to buy him balloons and Mentos. We hung around watching tennis and surf videos until 11:00, at which point it was time for him to get his evening morphine shot.

He’ll be okay, as he has full mobility and doesn’t need surgery or anything, but he’ll need to take it easy and wear a plastic suit of armor for the next couple months.

In the meantime, hug those you love. And bless those who make plastic body armor possible.